Avex Pro - Pretty Cash Expense Tool - Powered by Avanzar IT Consulting

AVEX Pro is a mobile application for petty cash expense management, approvals, settlement and reporting. The application is custom-made to suit the needs of Indian businesses in hasslefree petty cash expense report creation, streamlining approvals and make swift claim settlements.

On the go - Whether you are at the office or on the road, AVEX Pro makes it easy for you to record expenses as they happen. Using a single screen, the users can simply click photos of the receipts and submit their expenses.

AI enabled application - AVEX Pro comes with embedded Artificial Intelligence (AI) that automatically categorises your expense type into different heads based on the uploaded copy of digital receipts. It ensures correct categorisation for all your present and historical expenses and helps in generating accurate transparent reports and efficiaent petty cash management.

Cloud Connection - AVEX Pro can be integrated with your cloud servers of choice for seemless storage of digital receipts. The cloud connection feature ensures that your existing cloud server is leveraged to handle receipt tracking and thereby ensuring a completely paperless process of Petty Cash Management.

Expert customization& Integration - AVEX Pro can be completely customised based on yourrequirements and business processes. It has the capability to integrated seamlessly with your existing ERP systems - SAP, ORACLE, etc.

AVEX Pro Key Benefits

Test Certificates that were generated by the Billing, Dispatch and Quality teams where manually signed and handed over to customer.This process workflow had several issues related to time management, security, and legal compliance.

INVOICE AUTO - SCAN Scan receipts and digitally attach the scanned document to the relevant expense line item information with the tap of a button.

EASY CLAIM CREATION- Give your employees the ability to submit, review, and approve expense reports on the go with the AVEX Pro mobile app.

PAPERLESS RECEIPT TRACKER -Digital records stored on the cloud ensure complete traceaibility and transperancy without having to worry about storing physical documents.

MULTI - LEVEL APPROVALS -Approve/Reject expenses in a click with an appropriate reason. Set up multi-level and role based approval flows based on your business process.

ANALYTICS AND REPORTING -Analyze your expenses and identify your biggest costs to curb unnecessary spending. Get reports based on expense category.