Digital Signature Solution developed for Tata Steel Long Products

Client Background

Client: Tata steel Long Products (TSLP)

Client profile: Tata Steel Long Products Limited (TSLP), formerly known as Tata Sponge Iron Limited, is in the business of manufacturing high alloy steel, primarily for the auto sector and wire rope industry. With one million tonne capacity, it is one of the largest speciality steel plants in India in the long product segment.

Industry: Manufacturing high alloy steel, primarily for the auto sector and wire rope industry
Areas of operations: Manufacturing
Number of Employees: 20,000


Test Certificates that were generated by the Billing, Dispatch and Quality teams where manually signed and handed over to customer.This process workflow had several issues related to time management, security, and legal compliance.

  • The manual nature of the workflow required a significant dependency on human resource time
  • The paper-based document transactions required repetitive actions such as drafting, printing, scanning, and mailing. Any hardware error would result in delay of the entire process flow. Sometimes the document trail would take days or even weeks to get them signed and returned.
  • In the event of a missing signature in the paper-based document flow chain the team had to spend even more time to follow-up, resend, and that eventually pushed the process completion.

AvanzarIT team mapped the process flow and proposed to implement their Digital Signature solution in-premise at various plant locations from where the test certificates were generated.

The team also integrated the Digital Signature solution with TSLP's backend ERP system and transformed the entire process into a seamless activity. The deployed solution thus,

  • Generates the digital signed copy of the TC's
  • Fetches the source email ID of customers from the email servers
  • And trigger emails directly to the customer with attached TCs, thereby reducing the turnaround time for delivering the TCs.

Unlike other digital signature solution, the system does not have a cap on the number of documents that requires digital signature.

Business Impact

TSLP became a pioneer in providing Digitally signed Test Certificates to its customers.All their test certificates generated both at the plant and stock yards are now digitally signed by the Avanzar IT implemented solution and mailed to customers instead of manual signatures. With no cap on the number of processed documents, starting January 2022, Billing, Dispatch and Quality Teams (both at Plant and Stock Yards) had switched to digitally signed test certificates bringing in cost efficiency and customer satisfaction.